How We Do it

We work according to established and well-proven methodologies and techniques within the research industry. Our quality routines and processes ensure that we are able to deliver according to the client´s needs and expectations, even in complex and challenging projects. As a consultancy organization, we realize the value of being our client´s extra hand in their projects, and highly emphasize the importance of being open, transparent and service oriented.

Every employee who works with research is a personal member of the Norwegian Market Research Association, which gives a personal responsibility to work according to the standards and ethical rules of this organization (based on established ESOMAR regulations). We are also a member of Virke Markedsanalyse, the association for research agencies in Norway. Through our membership in Virke, we are an active player in promoting the role of research in our society, and work to implement high quality standards within our industry. Our managing director and several partners also members of ESOMAR, our global industry association.

Opinion also works in adherence with local and international laws and regulations, who affects our industry. This especially applies to GDPR, and Opinion has its own Data Protection Officer, who follows up this adherence through our daily production.

Finally, Opinion is a proud holder of the certification Eco-lighthouse, as we acknowledge the battle against climate change as possibly our generations biggest challenge, which obliges us to make our contribution to make the world a better place to be for future generations.

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