Opinion delivers all kinds of consumer insight and market research, both qualitative and quantitative. However, we do have some areas where we, in all modesty, will claim a unique position in our market.

Opinion is the market leader within qualitative research in Norway and conducts more than 200 focus groups and 1000 in-depth interviews per year. We have two modern focus group rooms in our Oslo office, with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. For the last few years, Opinion has helped a large number of international agencies in understanding the Norwegian consumer, especially when it comes to the very special market for Electrical Vehicles, the most mature EV market in the world.

Furthermore, Opinion has been one of the pioneers within digital research in the Norwegian market. We have been running online communities on our own platform since 2009 and have a lot of experience within digital ethnography and other types of online qualitative research.

Opinion is also the market leader within trend research in Norway. Each year, we publish our report “Consumer Stories”, where we identify and explain consumer trends in the Norwegian market, based on documented insight and research.

Finally, we have a strong reputation within all kinds of research related to public affairs and government. Opinion has since the very beginning been associated with high professional standards and competence on what is going on in the Norwegian society, and we have a large number of Norway’s largest and most demanding public institutions on our client list. In 2020 we won the Norwegian National Travel Survey, one of the largest surveys conducted in Norway. In 2019, we were the research agency who came closest to predict the election result.

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