A brief history of Opinion

Opinion was founded in 1986, originally as a data collection unit for a group of young and ambitious social scientists at the University in Bergen. The company was in 1993 acquired by the FAFO Research Foundation, before it again was sold in 2004, to a Norwegian investement company, Media & Research Group. The company was thereafter merged with two other research agencies (Distincta and Bengal Consulting), later merged with Scanstat and Perduco. in 2014, Opinion was acquired by OnLive Research.

Opinion in numbers

Opinion has an annual turnover of approx. MEUR 11. We have for several years been the fastest-growing agency in the Norwegian market. We currently employ 50 research professionals, and offer all kinds of insight and market research, both qualitative and quantitative.


Opinion is today Norway´s largest independent, employee-owned research agency, something we are proud of. The company is a melting pot of previous entrepreneurs in the research space – we have started companies like Norstat, Bengal Consulting, Fishnet, Perduco, Ny Innsikt, OnLive Research – among others. This is reflected in the way we work and thing – we are eager to make an impact in the projects where we are involved.

We are firm believers in using insight to enable constant change – the world spins faster and faster, and we must adapt accordingly. We also believe strongly that Opinion plays an important role in our society – in an environment where polarization and fake news threatens to undermine democracy, we can contribute with objective data and actual facts.




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